The Women

The woman lifts the veil on the plight of women in an abusive relationship within an ultra-orthodox Jewish community. Inspired by real-life stories this play follows Pessa Leah, who is shunned by her community, and her 3-year fight to regain contact with her seven children.  With an all-female cast awe hope to give women like us, our sisters, friends... a voice and to highlight the struggles to create a sisterhood in a community where men make the rules. 




 Set in a home in borough park, a group of women gather to decide the fate of one of their own. To allow their former sister to see her children would be in direct opposition to the Rabbi's comment. In creating a story rich in cultural details we shed a light on the universal problem of keeping domestic abuse secret.

Throughout the course of one day- all her female relatives, under the men's rule and the Rabbi’s command, try to convince her that her children are better off without her.  When the social worker, Victoria, takes charge and threatens them with obstruction of justice they have no choice but to hear Pessa Leah out and they learn that it was her holy husband who pushed her to the brink through control, abuse and gambling their life savings. As Pessa Leah recounts the stories of abuse by the hands of her husband Yankele, chaos unfolds as her family struggles to believe her about their dear revered Yankele. Her sister-in-law finally comes to her rescue sharing her story of her own abuse at the hands of her brother. The dam breaks as the woman begin to see through the dynamics of their own relationship and start to question their male authority figures . The women must now defy the men to help Pessa Leah get her children .  How do these women,so under the rule of the men, go about forming a sisterhood to save one of their own is the question we explore in this hour and 10 min play.

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